37 Ways To Disguise The Ugliest Parts Of Your Home

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2. Cover door dings and marks with chalkboard paint in the garage.

Learn about painting prep work and see the full garage makeover at The Gathered Home.

Get a 30-oz. can of chalkboard paint from Amazon for $17.08.

5. Upgrade a plain light-switch cover with Mod Podge and a copy of a page from your favorite book.

Be reminded daily of a favorite book passage with instructions at small + friendly.

Get a 16-oz. bottle of Mod Podge from Amazon for $7.47.

6. Freshen up a printed upholstered chair with paint and fabric medium.

Avoid a Pinterest fail by breaking the paint-to-fabric medium ratio rules. Find out the genius secret at In My Own Style.

Get Diane’s fabric medium of choice from Amazon for $8.86.

10. Keep embarrassing beauty products anonymous with elegant, clear dispensers.

The stuff’s effective, but visitors don’t have to know the secrets behind your spotless skin and shiny tresses.

Get a 16 oz. dispenser from Amazon for $7.99.

11. And transfer laundry cleaning products to pretty storage containers for a streamlined, minimalist-pleasing look.

Julie Blanner

Steal more clever organizing ideas for laundry rooms at Julie Blanner.

Get them from Amazon for $22.95 (3-set of large glass canisters), $6.99 (6-pack of cobalt-blue 1 oz. eye dropper bottles).

12. Stash grass-stained shoes in an entry bench with drawers that’ll hide gross footwear.

The slatted drawer fronts let smelly sneakers air out without making you look at them.

Get it from Amazon for $66.36.

14. Turn your dog’s crate into a design accent with a regal cover worthy of Henry VIII.

Your pup will feel like royalty.

Get it from Amazon for $105+. / Available in sizes S-L.

15. Give your cat (or dog) some privacy and disguise the litter box with a nightstand/cathouse combo.

It’s also good for storing books, tabletop items, and even towels!

Get it from Amazon for $99.99. / Available in White (left), Espresso (right), and Walnut.

17. Camouflage a smelly septic vent in the garden with a birdbath.

The plastic coverup includes a replaceable carbon filter to control orders.

Get it from Amazon for $146.94. / Available in faux finishes Granite (shown), Sandstone, and Terra Cotta.

19. Cover a hideous tile backsplash with paint for an update that doesn’t require hiring a pro.

Learn from the project’s trial and error at Make Do and DIY.

Get a half pint of high-gloss paint from Amazon for $8.63.

See how to take this free (yep, you read that right) hardware store paint tool and turn it into a pretty patterned surface at Ciburbanity.

27. Fake a granite finish on a laminate countertop with a paint kit.

The kit even has an instruction DVD for painting noobs!

Get it from Amazon for $79.95.

29. Block a utility panel from view with a pallet-ish cover that won’t get you in hot water with your utility company.

Check your local utility company’s requirements about reading the meter before you tackle this project. (Tasha’s meter can be read through the panels and the coverup is easily removed.) Get her building directions at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body.

30. Give an old appliance a sleek stainless-steel look without forking over a ton of cash by covering it in contact paper.

See how to revamp a black dishwasher at Julie Blanner.

Get a roll of stainless steel-look contact paper from Amazon for $9.40.

32. Find a happy medium between a pedestal sink and vanity by fitting a specially designed cabinet around the sink base.

It’s cheaper (and way easier) than starting from sink scratch.

Get it from Improvements for $149.99. / Available in Walnut (shown), Cream, and White.

Nope, you can’t use regular shower curtains. Invest in two long regular curtains (about 84”) to fully mask the doors. See how to gett the right effect at Maria Killam.

Get them from Amazon. $21.99 (decorative shower rod), $10.97 (pair of 54” x 84” gray curtains).

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